Forum Rules


The primary purpose of this forum is for education, enlightenment, and entertainment of its intended users.


1.Anyone may view this forum without a password or identification.

2.To post a user ID, password, and working email address is required.

3.Appraisal and related industries are the preferred topics of discussion, however, matters of general interest are also acceptable.

4.Posts for the sole purpose of derision of another party are not acceptable.

5.Anyone who identifies himself as a beginner, newbie, registered appraiser, etc. are to be treated kindly and encouraged to do the right thing even if they should already know the right thing.

6.References to race and religion are rarely acceptable.

7.The moderator reserves the right to delete any post deemed unacceptable

8.Post titles are to be kept at a reasonable length since long titles distort the remaining columns.  Long titles will be changed by the moderator.

9.Off topic posts are allowed provided they do not become so heated that they obfuscate the primary purpose of the forum

10.Posts that do not contribute to the thread or that alter the thread will be deleted.